Fellowships Bring Student Leaders to Miami for Active-Living-by-Design Meeting

Student fellowship program to engage young leaders in active living design

The Congress for the New Urbanism sponsored the Active Living by Design Student Fellowship Program to fund student attendance at its tenth anniversary meeting in Miami Beach, Fla., in June 2002. The congress is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization that promotes principles of design and construction intended to create walkable neighborhoods.

Key Results

The congress collaborated with the University of Miami to recruit, select and sponsor 10 national student fellows and 10 local student fellows to attend the tenth Congress for the New Urbanism meeting.

These students were offered a tailored program to familiarize them with the theory and practice of new urbanism and the link between community design and physical activity levels, as well as an opportunity to participate in all aspects of the conference.

The student fellows were charged with sharing their conference experiences with their respective learning institutions after attending the conference.