The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology is the result of the efforts of a great many talented individuals, whose contributions we would like to recognize.

We express our gratitude to those staff members of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation who contributed to the book in a variety of ways: to David Morse for his invaluable insights, helpful suggestions, and sound guidance; to Risa Lavizzo-Mourey for her ideas on topics and structure, her support of the Anthology, and her comments on the manuscript; to Molly McKaughan for her astute editing of the chapters; to Deb Malloy, Sherry DeMarchi, and Nancy Giordano for their superb administrative support; to Paul Moran and Tim Crowley for their efficient handling of contractual and overall financial matters; to Carole Owle, Ellen Coyote, and Mary Castria for ensuring that specific accounting matters ran smoothly; to Richard Toth and Julie Painter for their care in checking facts and figures (Julie is leaving the Foundation, and we will miss her careful reading of the manuscript); to Hope Woodhead for the professional way in which she oversees the book's distribution; to Barbara Sherwood for managing the distribution of reprints and making sure that copies of the book are available in the Foundation's lobby; to Hinda Feige Greenberg, Kathryn Flatley, and Mary Beth Kren for their research help; and to Linda Bilheimer, Victor Capoccia, Carol Chang, Steven Downs, Susan  Hassmiller and James Ingram for having reviewed various chapters.

Outside of the Foundation, we owe a great debt to the external review committee—Susan Dentzer, Frank Karel, William Morrill, Patricia Patrizi, and Jonathan Showstack—for their thoughtful reading of the manuscripts and sound comments; to C.P. Crow, whose editing improves every chapter; to Lauren McIntyre for her conscientious efforts entering data; to Carolyn Shea for her fact-checking; to Ruby Hearn, Paul Jellinek, Mathy Mezey, Martha Ryan, Steven Schroeder, Peter Shaughnessy and Pauline Seitz for their comments on drafts of chapters.

At Health Policy Associates, Inc., we wish to thank Greta McKinney for her financial oversight. Finally, we would like to express our special appreciation to Elizabeth Dawson for her care, conscientiousness and professionalism throughout the 18-month process of going from a series of ideas to a published book.