Manual on Employment Law for N.J. Nonprofits Gets Updated

Personnel practices guide for New Jersey nonprofit organizations

In 2000, the Center for Non-Profit Corporations of North Brunswick, N.J. revised a comprehensive legal manual outlining strategies to reduce the incidence of personnel-related conflicts and employment-related liability for nonprofit organizations.

Project staff also held a series of workshops during which they presented the manual to staff from nonprofit organizations in New Jersey.

The Center for Non-Profit Corporations is a statewide umbrella organization serving New Jersey's nonprofit community through technical assistance, public policy and education and cost-saving programs.

Under this grant, the center contracted with Jennifer Chandler Hauge, Esq., a lawyer specializing in employment and nonprofit issues, to update an employment reference book she originally prepared for the center in 1995.

Key Results

  • The updated legal manual incorporated changes in employment law in areas such as:
    • Health insurance.
    • Family leave.
    • Sexual harassment.
    • Privacy in the electronic era.

    The manual is meant to help nonprofits develop personnel policies and procedures that comply with all current laws and regulations.

    It is available from the Center for Non-Profit Corporations' Web site.
  • The Center for Non-Profit Corporations also sponsored three half-day workshops presented by the book's author during which staff from nonprofit organizations had opportunities to ask questions. Topics at the workshops included:
    • Major liability risks.
    • Avoiding discrimination.
    • Anti-harassment policies.
    • Wage and hour traps.
    • Family leave.
    • Counseling the poor performer.
    • Terminations.

    The workshops were held on June 23, 2000 in Newark, N.J., June 29 in Toms River, N.J. and June 30 in Princeton, N.J. In total, approximately 130 people attended the three workshops.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) funded the project with a grant of $20,000 between February and July 2000.