Good Health = Good Economics

Engaging academic health centers to improve population health

In 2000–2001, the Association of Academic Health Centers, Washington, developed and disseminated the proceedings and action plans from the "4th Trilateral Conference" in Ottawa, Canada, held September 17–24, 2000.

Attended by some 40 leaders in health professions and policy, the conference focused on the role of academic health centers as active participants in community, regional, and nationwide efforts to improve health and the quality of life of populations.

Key Results

  • The Association of Academic Health Centers published the conference proceedings and action plans in a book entitled What Determines Health and Quality of Life? Health As Good Economics in 2001.

    It calls for moving public policy agendas away from a preoccupation with health care to an enlightened vision of health. Delegations at the conference focused on specific issues and offered action plans on ways academic health centers might better affect the health of their nations.

    The U.S. delegation focused on the importance of identifying and reaching out to all stakeholders in moving the health agenda forward.

  • The association printed 2,000 copies of the book and disseminated about 1,200 of them to key officials, academics, professional associations, health policy analysts, foundation leaders, and opinion leaders in the three aforementioned countries.