Getting Social Services Where You Live - A New Model for Low-Income Housing

Replication of a health and social services model for low-income housing

The Community Builders (TCB), a nonprofit real estate services organization in Boston, replicated a low-income housing model in Worcester, Mass. The model, Plumley Village, integrated health and human services with property management.

Starting in late 1995, TCB focused on human services, integrating health services through links established with outside providers.

Key Results

  • TCB established four demonstration sites that integrated human services with property management. They also enhanced programs at Plumley Village. The demonstration sites were:
    • South Holyoke Properties (Holyoke, Mass.)
    • Kensington Square Apartments (New Haven, Conn.)
    • Egleston Square (Boston)
    • Villas Del Caribe (Philadelphia)
  • TCB integrated the community initiatives function into its organizational structure.
  • It obtained an independent evaluation of human service programs across sites.


The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) provided partial support for the project with a grant of $495,000 from December 1995 to August 1999.

Other funders collaborating on the project were: the Pew Charitable Trusts ($1,200,000), the Ford Foundation ($300,000) and the Boston Foundation ($150,000).