Looking to the Future with 2020 Foresight

Facing the challenge of healthcare's nursing crisis requires the cooperation of institutions and organizations across America. This article reports on the third strategic planning meeting of representatives of 10 nursing organizations that was held in Chicago, September 6-8, 2000. Along with Sigma Theta Tau International, participating organizations drafted "Vision 2020 for Nursing" a comprehensive plan for nursing practice and education that: (1) distinguishes the specific sets of competencies needed for the discipline to meet its social mandate to improve the health of Americans in the new millennium; (2) creates a satisfying and rewarding practice environment; and (3) casts nursing as an attractive career option. The group's premise is that nursing care will only be as good as the quality of the partnership between nursing education and nursing practice. In addition to supporting bold redesign of the current system, the group has plans for the creation of a dynamic framework for nursing that distinguishes knowledge-based roles/competencies in nursing practice. Transformations range from mandating a formalized period of standardized residency prior to licensing, to establishing the public view that nursing is an intellectually challenging, economically advantageous and evolving career option with a global presence. This article also mentions the December 18-19th consortium that met to draft recommendations about the new educational foundations for entry into the practice of nursing that should be in place by 2020. It is anticipated that there will be one focused coordinating center to manage this transition.