Scientists, Policy-Makers Plant Seeds for Future Anti-Tobacco Harvest

Working group on transdisciplinary youth tobacco prevention research

In 1998, the Center for the Advancement of Health, Washington, established the Youth Tobacco-Use Prevention Initiative, whose goals were to:

  1. Identify what would be necessary to raise the quantity, quality and effectiveness of youth tobacco-use prevention research.
  2. Incorporate transdisciplinary approaches into the current framework for prevention efforts through both an examination of training needs and an assessment of processes to remove institutional barriers and improve communications among those in academia and grantmaking agencies.

Seven working groups, including 57 scientists, funders, and policymakers, were assembled to examine several topics.

Key Results

  • Each working group produced a report describing areas that would benefit from additional resources and attention.

  • The center sponsored a meeting of working group members on October 16, 1998, in Washington, to discuss their recommendations for further work in the field, and project leaders drafted a series of documents outlining next steps.

  • Following one recommendation, the nine funders who took part in the "Communication Among Grantmakers" working group, including RWJF, have formed the National Organization of Tobacco Use Research Funders (NO TURF) to improve funding for tobacco research.