Annual Conference Explores How Public Policy Affects Families

Family Re-Union 7&8: Family and Community Conference

In 1998 and 1999, The Children, Youth and Family Consortium at the University of Minnesota and The Child and Family Policy Center at the Vanderbilt (University) Institute for Public Policy Studies co-sponsored two Family Re-Union conferences—annual forums in which policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels explore how public policy affects families in the United States.

The conferences were begun in 1991 by then Senator Al Gore and continued on an annual basis, bringing together 1,000 individuals on site at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. and several more at satellite sites.

The Family Re-Union website (no longer available) included information about the initiatives and activities that have grown out of the conferences and proceedings.

Key Results

  • The 1998 conference—Family Re-Union 7: Families and Health—was held June 22–23 and moderated by Al and Tipper Gore. It included more than 25 presentations and 11 roundtable discussion groups on subjects such as the need for family-centered care.

  • The 1999 conference—Family Re-Union 8: Family and Community—was held June 21–22 and also moderated by the Gores. It also included more than 25 presentations and 11 roundtable discussions.