New Connections: Increasing Diversity of RWJF Programming

Foundation staff have increasing needs for data that can inform program planning or measure progress toward strategic objectives. Further, our work at the Foundation is enhanced when a diversity of perspectives are brought to bear on finding solutions to important problems. This initiative will help address both needs by: (1) bringing in investigators and consultants from historically disadvantaged and underrepresented communities (HDUC) to lend their perspectives to RWJF programs; and (2) funding junior investigators to perform data analysis using underutilized data sets the Foundation has supported. This initiative will have an added benefit of increasing participants' visibility in, experience with, and understanding of the Foundation. The initiative will have two components. First, consultants (up to six per year) will be identified and supported to work with the RWJF program teams for a one-year period. These consultants from HDUCs will have expertise in areas of Foundation priority. Special efforts will be taken to identify candidates from existing Human Capital or other Foundation programs. Second, recent Ph.D. graduates from HDUCs (up to six per year) will be supported to conduct team-specific research using underutilized data sets available to the Foundation. Success will be measured by the expansion of the RWJF network of post-doctoral graduates and consultants, and increase in utilization of data sets previously funded by RWJF. This initiative will be managed internally by Debra Perez in partnership with a newly formed steering committee and with assistance from a National Urban Fellow assigned to RWJF this academic year.In April 2008, the Board approved an increase of $8,832,000 over 48 months.


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