Maps to #CloseHealthGaps

Neighborhood to neighborhood in cities across the United States, babies born just miles apart face large gaps in life expectancy. A series of maps explores these gaps and supports the efforts of local officials and community organizations to address the many factors that shape health across a lifetime.

Atlanta Map

12 yrs

Btwn Buckhead & Northwestern in Atlanta, a 12-yr diff in life expectancy. #CloseHealthGaps

Chicago Map

16 yrs

Just seven L stops can mean a 16-year life expectancy difference in Chicago. #CloseHealthGaps

Las Vegas

16 yrs

From the Strip to Southeast Las Vegas, a 16-yr difference in life expectancy. #CloseHealthGaps

New York City

10 yrs

Just six subway stops can mean almost a 10-yr life expectancy difference in #NYC. #CloseHealthGaps


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7 yrs

1 highway, 5 counties, 7 year difference in life expectancy in rural #NC. #CloseHealthGaps


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12 yrs

A few miles’ drive in Raleigh-Durham can mean 12-yr difference in life expectancy #CloseHealthGaps

Richmond Map

20 yrs

Within five miles of downtown Richmond Va., a 20-yr difference in life expectancy. #CloseHealthGaps