Supporting a convening on boys and young men of color to address issues of violence, trauma, and healing

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative, Forward Promise, will host a two-day convening of diverse experts and leaders across multiple disciplines of violence prevention, trauma and toxic stress, healing, and resilience to discuss these issues as they impact boys and young men of color. Forward Promise is dedicated to promoting opportunities for health and success for boys and young men of color. Pervasive issues that deeply impact our target population are violence, trauma, and resilience. However, the strategies that have been aligned with solutions have been fragmented and disjointed, without an aligned call to action to mitigate the impacts of violence and trauma. We recognize that in order to move beyond this fragmentation and toward a collective solution, experts already working in the field need opportunities to convene and discuss a process and plan for action. This convening of 25 to 30 experts in August 2016 in Cincinnati will aim to deliver recommendations to help influence future grantmaking for Forward Promise and, possibly, establish a blueprint for a coalition of experts who will commit to a coordinated strategy and/or approach to eliminating the high rates of violence and trauma and will move to strategies of resilience and healing for boys and young men of color.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $175,034.00

Awarded on: 4/21/2016

Time frame: 4/15/2016 - 1/31/2017

Grant Number: 73504


Advocacy & Communication Solutions, LLC

1277 West 104th Street
Cleveland, 44102-1563


Scarlett Bouder
Project Director


Lori McClung
Project Director