Conducting community health assessments to prepare tribal health departments for accreditation, Phase 1

This grant supports up to four tribal health departments in conducting community health assessments (CHAs) for their respective tribal communities. Public health accreditation provides a set of standards by which a tribe can systematically strengthen its self-determination and demonstrate the quality of services it provides to the community. In 2012, the Tribal Epidemiology Center (TEC) of the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona Inc. (ITCA) sponsored several accreditation-related workshops and roundtable discussions at which a number of tribal health departments in the Phoenix and Tucson areas identified their interest in preparing for accreditation, including CHAs, and receiving related technical assistance. ITCA TEC will work with selected tribal health departments to plan and implement CHAs, using a toolkit designed to reflect the tribal experience. Deliverables for this project include: (1) developing a scope of work and contracting with selected tribal health departments to complete CHAs; (2) summarizing the CHA process for participating health departments; and (3) creating de-identified "success stories" from participating health departments. ITCA will develop and evaluate the toolkit, as well as provide technical assistance through a separate contract, supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with Red Star Innovations.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $40,000.00

Awarded on: 4/11/2013

Time frame: 5/1/2013 - 6/30/2014

Grant Number: 70913


Inter Tribal Council of Arizona, Inc.

2214 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, 85004-1423


Jamie Ritchey
Project Director