Continuing support for the national network to advance the use of law to improve population health, 2013-2015

The Foundation's Public Health Law Field-Building initiative was designed to support public health practitioners, their counsel and policymakers in using law to promote, protect and improve health through technical assistance, training, legal analyses, products, and translation and dissemination delivered through a national network of public health law centers and key stakeholder groups.This funding supports the national coordinating center (NCC) of the Network for Public Health Law (Network) and help guide, manage and integrate the network. NCC will continue developing, mobilizing and leading an association of regional centers, partners, affiliated experts, and supporting organizations toward the goal of improving the health of all Americans by advancing the practice of public health law. NCC will maintain a comprehensive understanding of the needs, trends and emerging issues in public health law; coordinate and lead activities of the network's five regional centers while itself serving as the regional center for the eight states of the Northern Region; build a strong communications program; develop a business plan that will include long-term sustainability of the Network; develop and maintain critical databases; host a national conference on public health law; collaborate with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to establish a fellowship program; and provide training for legal and public health practitioners on how law can be used to promote, protect and improve health. Deliverables will include (1) legal technical assistance; (2) additional assistance such as white papers, fact sheets and model laws; (3) in-person and virtual trainings in using law to improve a community's health; (4) opportunities for professional development, networking and learning, such as the national conference; and (5) development and dissemination of analyses and knowledge syntheses.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $2,949,999.00

Awarded on: 3/4/2013

Time frame: 3/15/2013 - 4/30/2015

Grant Number: 70716


Public Health Law Center, Inc.

875 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, 55105-3076


Donna E. Levin
Project Director