Supporting planning to maximize enrollment in health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act

This project will plan a program to build or strengthen the capacity of existing state- and community-based efforts to educate the public about opportunities to enroll in health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) during the initial rollout, and to promote enrollment during this period, particularly through newly created health insurance exchanges. In just under a year, the most sweeping ACA provisions will "go live" as the exchanges begin offering coverage. The government's initial estimates are that nine million people will obtain insurance through an exchange in 2014, with that number increasing to 26 million by 2019. An additional 16 million could be eligible for Medicaid if all states move forward on Medicaid expansion. The exchange population will: (1) consist largely of individuals who were previously uninsured; (2) be more racially and ethnically diverse than privately insured populations; and (3) have lower educational levels and lower incomes than adults with an employer or nongroup plan. To address the challenge of enrolling this population, Community Catalyst will plan a program that focuses on building, or strengthening, existing state- and community-based capacity to maximize enrollment in select states--the 10 states that currently participate in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Consumer Voices for Coverage (CVC) initiative--and several additional states. During the planning phase, Community Catalyst will: (1) consult with existing national efforts, such as Enroll America, to develop a coordinated approach going forward; (2) undertake an environmental assessment of participating and potential states, including data on the number of individuals newly eligible for coverage, the status of outreach and enrollment activities, and the role and commitment of state governments; (3) develop criteria for selection of new (i.e., non-CVC) grantees; (4) identify their technical needs and develop an approach for addressing them; (5) identify potential additional funding sources; (6) identify multidisciplinary experts who can advise the program; and (7) develop potential indicators of program success. Deliverables for this planning grant will include a request for proposals; proposed success indicators/measures for grantee states; a list of multidisciplinary experts to play an advisory role; a list of potential funding partners or sources; and a documented process for ongoing consultation/coordination with national outreach efforts, such as Enroll America.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $75,000.00

Awarded on: 2/14/2013

Time frame: 3/1/2013 - 6/30/2013

Grant Number: 70747


Community Catalyst

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Jacquie Anderson
Project Director


Susan T. Sherry
Project Director