Studying the evolution of accountable care organizations for quality, resource use and cost

The Foundation's initiative, Accountable Care Organizations: Testing Their Impact, was designed to study the effect of accountable care organizations (ACOs) on a variety of quality-related outcomes and to conduct research analyses that will help the field better understand how ACOs will affect health care.This grant provides funds to Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) to conduct case studies of five California accountable care organizations with different organizational structures, payment models, and payer mixes. This funding is for one of four sets of case studies designed to enhance the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's understanding of ACOs, which are developing in the private market, with a special emphasis on ACOs that assume downside risk and that care for patients in the safety net. The case studies will focus on issues with patient attribution; communications to patients about ACO enrollment and participation; payment methodologies; the extent to which quality improvement programs and payment strategies evolve; quality measurement and reporting strategies; and capabilities, including health information technology, care-management programs developed, and the impact of payment and care-management structures on diverse and underserved patient populations. Additionally, IHA will leverage information--already collected on each of the ACOs through the statewide pay-for-performance program--to conduct a secondary quantitative data analysis. Deliverables will include: (1) interim and final case-study reports; (2) two articles suitable for peer-review publication; (3) issue briefs on identified aspects of the ACOs; and (4) plenary speeches at two IHA national ACO conferences.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $389,132.00

Awarded on: 2/27/2013

Time frame: 3/15/2013 - 6/30/2015

Grant Number: 70681


Integrated Healthcare Association

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James Claude Robinson
Project Director


Jill Yegian
Project Director