Testing the impact of improved Medicaid outreach on enrollment rates, utilization, and health outcomes

This study will test the effects of improved Medicaid outreach and enrollment methods on the rate of enrollment, utilization, and health outcomes among a Medicaid-eligible population in Oregon. The study will use an experimental design to compare outcome measures for a treatment group that received enhanced Medicaid enrollment efforts, a comparison group that received default methods, and a control group that was enrolled in Medicaid at the beginning of the study period. Deliverables will include a complete report for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, briefs and presentations designed for a policy audience, and scientific articles and presentations designed for an academic audience.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $249,055.00

Awarded on: 1/15/2013

Time frame: 1/15/2013 - 7/14/2016

Grant Number: 70592


State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority

500 Summer Street, N.E., E-30
Salem, 97301-1097


Katherine Baicker
Project Director


Bill J. Wright
Project Director