Supporting a Health Affairs' conference to address implications of the Supreme Court's decision on health reform

This grant will allow Health Affairs, one of the leading health policy journals in the country, to bring together a wide range of policy-makers, health policy analysts, and other prominent speakers for a one-day conference to address implications of the Supreme Court's decision on the Affordable Care Act. This funding will also allow the journal to produce a series of rapidly produced follow-on articles based on the conference. The Affordable Care Act, signed into law in March 2010 and largely upheld by the Supreme Court provides an opportunity to: (1) increase the number of people in the United States who will have health coverage, (2) improve public health systems, and (3) move the health care system towards providing higher-value care. The Court's decision to uphold the law but make the expansion of Medicaid optional for states has far-reaching implications, and Health Affairs is well positioned to bring together leading experts to analyze the path forward. Deliverables for this project include: (1) a one-day conference on the subject of moving forward after the Supreme Court decision, and (2) a series of articles based on the conference, which will be published in Health Affairs.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $50,000.00

Awarded on: 12/20/2012

Time frame: 6/15/2012 - 2/14/2013

Grant Number: 70348


Project Hope - The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

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P.O. Box 250
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Susan Dentzer
Project Director