Planning a strategy to solidify and expand on the early success of the Healthy Communities Initiative

This grant supports planning to develop and implement a strategy to leverage growing support for a joint effort to build the connections between community development and health and to develop health metrics to monetize health. For the past three years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has partnered with the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank to enhance communication and collaboration between the sectors of community development and population and public health. Deliverables for this project include (1) forming a planning committee to hone the strategy and structure of connections between community development and health; (2) hiring additional staff to conduct an environmental scan of existing prototypes and models, engaging past participants, and building a national network; (3) developing a measurement and metrics workgroup to consolidate knowledge on this critical issue and work with community development experts to lay out a plan for implementation and dissemination; (4) supporting the Federal Reserve in continued regional Healthy Communities Initiative meetings and linking participants to the expanding national network; and (5) planning a key conference with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to bring together the largest national philanthropic organizations and community development financial institutions in order to better align their interests and maximize opportunities for program-related and mission-related investments to directly improve the social determinants of health.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $299,176.00

Awarded on: 12/14/2012

Time frame: 12/15/2012 - 6/30/2015

Grant Number: 70608


Public Health Institute

555 12th Street, 10th Floor
Oakland, 94607-4046


Douglas Paul Jutte
Project Director