Creating the Health Systems Transformation Law project to consolidate the Legal Barriers and Health Reform GPS projects

This funding will join two long-standing Robert Wood Johnson Foundation legal-analysis projects conducted by similar, overlapping project teams at the George Washington University (GW) School of Public Health and Health Services, the Legal Barriers Project (Legal Barriers) and Health Reform GPS (GPS). Foundation staff from the Coverage and Quality/Equality teams worked closely with the GW project teams to address and reduce management and resource redundancy between the two projects. In addition, the Quality/Equality team conducted a routine assessment of Legal Barriers and worked with GW to address its findings. This project will now become a single broad effort in legal analysis comprising the two project entities, Legal Barriers and GPS. Although each project will maintain its distinct public presence, brand and Web portal, the Coverage and Quality/Equality teams will jointly manage the effort and will work with GW to promote project alignment, eliminate resource and management redundancy, target appropriate readership, and optimize outreach to those audiences.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,007,838.00

Awarded on: 12/12/2012

Time frame: 1/1/2013 - 12/31/2013

Grant Number: 70490


Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University

2121 K Street, N.W., Suite 200
Washington, 20002-4409


Lara Cartwright-Smith
Project Director


Sara Rosenbaum
Project Director


Jane Hyatt Thorpe
Project Director