Licensing family child-care homes to improve standards for health, safety and education -- United Way of Southeast Louisiana

The Foundation's Roadmaps to Health Community grants initiative was designed to identify, support, and disseminate models of cross-sector coalitions working to improve health by taking action to address the social and economic determinants of health, such as education, employment, income, community safety, and family and social support.United Way of Southeast Louisiana and other members of the Success by 6 Collaborative propose laying the groundwork to create a license class for Family Child Care [FCC] providers. Louisiana is one of only three states that does not require licensure of paid child care arrangements that are provided in private homes. This legislative reform will ensure high quality early care is provided to improve kindergarten readiness, and will ensure the state provides needed oversight to these child care settings. Licensure will also benefit FCC providers as it will allow them to participate in available state financial incentives, such as tax credits, under the state's Quality Rating and Improvement System. The collaborative will educate policymakers and the public through nonpartisan research and analysis and non-lobbying outreach, media appearances, and grassroots mobilization, and will collaborate with government agencies to streamline services and successfully integrate Family Child Care oversight into their responsibilities. No RWJF dollars will be used for lobbying. The grantee has set aside sufficient unrestricted funds for any lobbying activities planned in this project. Deliverables include nonpartisan research and policy analysis and educational materials for legislators, community organizations, families, child care providers and other decision-makers; collection of nonpartisan research in the form of data to inform state decision-making; and non-lobbying materials to be used for engaging media and community members.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $200,000.00

Awarded on: 11/5/2012

Time frame: 11/1/2012 - 10/31/2014

Grant Number: 70534


United Way of Southeast Louisiana

2515 Canal Street
New Orleans, 70119-6445


Aimee Chitayat
Project Director


Marti A. Dumas
Project Director