Evaluating the success of the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program

The Foundation's Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program was designed to provide four-year postdoctoral research awards offered to historically disadvantaged physicians who are committed to developing careers in academic medicine, to improving the health of underserved populations, and to furthering the understanding and elimination of health disparities.This project will update and expand on previous descriptive evaluations of the Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program by comparing specific outcomes for scholars with those of applicants who were interviewed but not selected for this program. This project aims to determine differences in scientific productivity and career progression between program applicants and awardees and to gather information about perceptions by those two groups of the importance and impact of mentoring, career-development training, and networking opportunities. The study methodology will include phone interviews and the collection of data on scholarly activities and current faculty rank. The grantee will use national benchmarks of career advancement and research funding for faculty as another comparison. The project will restrict the analysis to applicants between 2003, when electronic lists of applicants became available, and 2007, when all participants will have finished the four-year program. Products will include interim and final reports to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Amos program's national program office and a manuscript for a peer-reviewed journal. In addition, the grantee will prepare an in-person presentation of the results of the evaluation.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $200,000.00

Awarded on: 9/25/2012

Time frame: 11/15/2012 - 5/14/2015

Grant Number: 70412


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

3615 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, 19104-4318


James Patrick Guevara
Project Director