Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program was designed to build the field of population health by training scholars to investigate the connections among biological, behavioral, environmental, economic, and social determinants of health; and develop, evaluate, and disseminate knowledge and interventions based upon integration of these determinants.This grant supports two Health and Society (HSS) scholars in the tenth cohort, as well as the infrastructure, intellectual activities, and research opportunities that will provide training for these future leaders in population health. The primary objective of the HSS program at the University of Pennsylvania is to train leaders who will create knowledge and design interventions that address the social determinants of health and disease. Related objectives are to support and increase interdisciplinary and inter-professional research and educational program in population health at the University of Pennsylvania. Neither objective is an end in itself, but a means to improve the health of all Americans and redress current health disparities. The aim of the program is to overcome some of the most important obstacles to the development of a still new, clinically and policy-relevant field of population health by developing leaders and rigorous researchers in this evolving field. The program enhances the intellectual resources relevant to this field at the University of Pennsylvania and is making the field a major focus of research and education through the visibility and credibility of the HSS Program, open seminars and conferences, strategic distribution of funds for pilots and activities of Scholars and program faculty. The strategy is focused first on the Scholars themselves, but also on the core faculty and the University as a whole, the City of Philadelphia and ultimately the nation's health.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,122,000.00

Awarded on: 8/8/2012

Time frame: 9/1/2012 - 10/31/2014

Grant Number: 70279


University of Pennsylvania, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics

Colonial Penn Center
3641 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, 19104-6218


Robert A. Aronowitz
Project Director


David A. Asch
Project Director


Jason S. Schnittker
Project Director