Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program was designed to build the field of population health by training scholars to investigate the connections among biological, behavioral, environmental, economic, and social determinants of health; and develop, evaluate, and disseminate knowledge and interventions based upon integration of these determinants.This grant supports two Health and Society (HSS) scholars in the tenth cohort, as well as the infrastructure, intellectual activities, and research and policy opportunities that will provide training for these future leaders in population health. The primary goal of the HSS program at Columbia University is to provide Scholars with training and mentorship in the interdisciplinary study of population health, creating a network of leaders who will generate and translate knowledge in order to promote health and reduce health disparities. A secondary goal is to disseminate this approach to population health throughout the University, promoting innovative population health research and education across multiple disciplines. Columbia's program is designed to foster an intellectual environment that generates insights from the juxtaposition of different disciplines and points of view, allowing cross-talk among research, policy, and public health perspectives, and driving forward research and policy that is creative and rigorous. Intellectually, the site's hallmark is the integration of sophisticated theoretical and analytical approaches from the social sciences with epidemiological strengths in study design and biological measurement, permitting high-level empirical investigation of new and complex questions about how social and environmental factors relate to biological processes and health outcomes. Scholar training and professional development occur through the program's structured activities, including the weekly seminar and short courses, and through personalized mentoring as Scholars identify and pursue research projects as well as opportunities for collaboration and leadership. Seed grants and working groups support Scholars' pilot research and interdisciplinary activities. While distinct, these program elements share a strategy of bringing together faculty and other researchers from a wide array of disciplines in order to ignite new ideas and generate broad-based, politically viable approaches to health promotion.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,122,000.00

Awarded on: 7/20/2012

Time frame: 9/1/2012 - 8/31/2014

Grant Number: 70281


Columbia University Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy

Columbia University
420 West 118th Street, 8th Floor, MC 3355
New York, 10027-7213


Peter Shawn Bearman
Project Director


Bruce G. Link
Project Director


Kathryn M. Neckerman
Project Director


Julien O. Teitler
Project Director