Informing policy-makers on the central issues in health care spending to guide identification of policy initiatives

Under this grant support, the project lead will gather a set of eight new papers that together will inform policymakers about important issues related to the growth in health care spending. The papers will include broad policy pieces clarifying important issues about spending growth, as well as empirical and conceptual pieces exploring factors related to spending growth, the consequences of continued spending growth, and the need for evidence related to strategies intended to slow spending growth. Some of authors will develop their papers under federal grants. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the project lead have had early discussions with Health Affairs leadership, which is amenable to collaborate on dissemination of the policy papers on health care spending under this project. With that collaboration, the project will disseminate the papers approved by relevant editors in an upcoming issue of Health Affairs. The tentative list of papers includes eight titles: (1) "Understanding Health Care Spending Growth"; (2) "The Impact of the Recession on Spending Growth"; (3) "Medical Innovation and Health Care Spending Growth"; (4) "Personalized Medicine and Health Care Spending Growth"; (5) "Public Financing of Increased Health Care Spending Growth"; (6) "Supplemental Insurance and Medicare Spending Growth"; (7) "Cost Sharing as a Brake on Spending Growth"; and (8) "Skewness in Episode-Based Spending Growth." The authors will complete drafts of the papers in November 2012 and target final submission by February 2013.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $196,164.00

Awarded on: 7/11/2012

Time frame: 8/1/2012 - 6/1/2014

Grant Number: 70266


Harvard Medical School

25 Shattuck Street
Boston, 02115-6092


Michael Esman Chernew
Project Director