Identifying and advancing strategies to activate local and state public health and prevention advocacy

This grant supports Prevention Institute in identifying new networks of advocates and developing sound, actionable and relevant recommendations, case examples, and messages that will inform strategies, investments and activities to advance policy change and advocacy efforts to strengthen public health and increase prevention efforts at the local, state and federal levels. To accomplish this, Prevention Institute will identify and assess existing advocacy capacity in communities and states across the country, including existing networks, organizations and allies that have capacity, alignment and influence to make the case for public health and prevention. It will look specifically at unexpected partners, organizations positioned to bridge various sectors and issues, and the opportunities and strategies to activate these networks, organizations and unexpected partners. Both an internal advisory group of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) staff and key grantees, and an external advisory group will guide this effort to ensure the approach is inclusive of diverse perspectives and values. Additionally, Prevention Institute will elevate local and state community-wide, disease-prevention efforts, partnerships and successes to inform national partners, federal policymakers and administrators. Deliverables will include: (1) the creation of an external advisory group; (2) a scope of exploration based on input from the internal and external advisory groups; (3) a landscape analysis that identifies existing advocacy capacity and the opportunities and strategies to advance public health and community prevention; (4) a summit of local, state and national leaders to respond to this analysis and refine recommendations on opportunities and strategies; (5) recommendations on investment strategies specific to RWJF; (6) case examples and stories of local and state community-prevention efforts, partnerships and successes to make the case for public health and community prevention; and (7) examples of and strategies to replicate collaboration between providers of community-focused prevention and clinical prevention. Prevention Institute will collaborate with RWJF Communications staff on media outreach and message testing and will not use RWJF dollars for lobbying.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $592,293.00

Awarded on: 7/19/2012

Time frame: 8/1/2012 - 10/15/2013

Grant Number: 70217


Prevention Institute

221 Oak Street
Oakland, 94607-4595


Sana Chehimi
Project Director