Conducting evaluability assessments and providing evaluation support for the five New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids communities

The Foundation's initiative, New Jersey Partnership for Healthy Kids: Communities Making a Difference to Prevent Childhood Obesity, was designed to support a four-year major initiative to seed community and state partnerships to prevent childhood obesity in New Jersey.This program contract will provide evaluation support for program improvement and learning to the five communities in the New Jersey Partnerships for Healthy Kids program, under which community partnerships prevent childhood obesity through changes in policy and environment. This work will include several types of process evaluation, starting with an evaluability assessment in each of the communities. This activity will help the communities develop and collect process information to document the ongoing activities and achievements of their projects. In addition, the contractor will develop case studies for each of the five communities, building on the case studies started by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation staff. At less than $40,000 per community, this contract will deliver five evaluability assessments, five case studies, and a final written summary of the evaluation consultation in each community. The project will complement, but will not duplicate, the Rutgers evaluation of impact, funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $199,878.00

Awarded on: 7/13/2012

Time frame: 7/15/2012 - 7/31/2017

Grant Number: 70177


Mary Ann Scheirer

238 Sayre Drive
Princeton, 08540-5840


Mary Ann Scheirer
Project Director