Strengthening the case for health impact assessments through strategically selected demonstration projects

This project will continue to build the case for health impact assessment (HIA) by funding strategically selected demonstration projects that will expand the range of topics for and geographic regions of HIA practice. The Health Impact Project (HIP) will also institutionalize HIA by strengthening cross-sector partnerships in locations with a history of successful HIAs, such that consideration of health becomes a standard of practice. The project will support: (1) up to five competitively selected demonstration projects; (2) up to three sites to establish stable interagency collaborations and sustainable sources of HIA funding; (3) up to two demonstrations of application of HIA in projects of community development corporations that will inform creation of a healthy community-development checklist in collaboration with the Federal Reserve Board; (4) training, mentoring and technical assistance for grantees; and (5) the second national HIA meeting. This grant will advance the practice and adoption of HIA and increase consideration of health in decisions made by policymakers and agencies outside the health sector.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $2,499,999.00

Awarded on: 6/12/2012

Time frame: 7/1/2012 - 1/31/2017

Grant Number: 69981


Pew Charitable Trusts

One Commerce Square
2005 Market Street, Suite 2800
Philadelphia, 19103-7042


Kara Vonasek Blankner
Project Director


Aaron A. Wernham
Project Director