Tracking and interpreting health care professionals' recommendations for curbing spending and achieving quality

This activity will provide the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Enterprise Cost Workgroup with health care professionals' insights into and recommendations for addressing health care cost and value. Convening health care professionals is one of the Cost Workgroup's six program elements. This effort will allow the workgroup to learn from and build on past recommendations from the health care professionals' representative associations, such as the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Nurses Association. Avalere will conduct a scan and analysis of recent meetings of health care professional associations and of organizational strategic papers that have informed the national discussion on addressing health care cost and value. This activity will include four deliverables: an inventory of recent health care professionals' initiatives and meetings aimed at addressing health care cost and value; an annotated bibliography of the relevant publications of associations of health care professionals; a comprehensive list of the associations' recent recommendations for curbing growth in health care spending; and an analysis, suitable for publication, of those recommendations that will help guide the Cost Workgroup's ongoing programming.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $32,000.00

Awarded on: 5/4/2012

Time frame: 6/1/2012 - 10/15/2012

Grant Number: 70052


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Sharon Siler
Project Director


Bonnie Washington
Project Director