Supporting TEDMED's Great Challenges Program in health and medicine, 2012-2013

This grant will support the first year of the Great Challenges Program of the TEDMED conference. TEDMED, a nationally known conference that has focused on innovations in health and medicine, is seeking to leverage its reputation and build a platform that each year explores and explains 20 of the most complex, multifaceted, and insufficiently understood challenges to the health and health care of Americans. The platform will also foster ongoing engagement and discussion of these issues over the course of the year. Under the program, in-person and simulcast attendees of TEDMED 2012 in April will choose 20 "great challenges" from a candidate set of 50. During the next year, challenge leaders for the 20 selected challenges and TEDMED will undertake a series of activities to produce ongoing, in-depth, multidisciplinary and unbiased conversations about each challenge. TEDMED 2013 will feature stage presentations on each of the 20 great challenges. Deliverables will include design of a social space for on-site attendees to explore the candidate challenges; scholarships for the 50 candidate challenge leaders; selection of the 20 final challenges; technical support for the on-site and off-site voting for challenges; website design for the challenges; video and audio taping and post-production editing of eight-minute videos introducing the 20 challenges; webcast and online discussions during the year on each challenge; and video and written reports summarizing the year's work on each challenge.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $750,000.00

Awarded on: 4/17/2012

Time frame: 2/1/2012 - 1/31/2013

Grant Number: 69870



2 High Ridge Park
Stamford, 06905-1350


Jay Scott Walker
Project Director