Coding and Reporting Standards Project

This program contract provides support to Hope Global Consulting, L.L.C., in addressing the need for more consistent, timely and accurate information for external reporting of grants within the philanthropic sector. Since July 2010, a group of representatives from 16 large U.S. foundations has been meeting and discussing shared interests and concerns centered on the topic of reporting on the flow of philanthropic resources and on the specific tactic of refining or establishing common standards for grant coding and reporting. Although foundations collect and report information externally, they employ no widely recognized, established internal taxonomy for coding information on grants. Coding systems within foundations are, typically, set up for internal use, using codes that are intended for the benefit of the foundation itself. In July 2011, the representatives reconvened to review commissioned research by Hope Global Consulting on the state of grant coding and reporting, the potential benefits of consistent coding and reporting, and tangible actions the participating foundations could take. At that July meeting, all 16 foundations committed to each other to post, on a quarterly basis, on their websites information about grants made. The participating foundations commissioned Hope Global Consulting to provide in Phase 2 of this project: (1) project management and support; (2) a project communications plan within the philanthropic sector; (3) long-term, project-owner identification; and (4) ongoing taxonomy assistance.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $29,572.00

Awarded on: 11/14/2011

Time frame: 12/1/2011 - 3/31/2012

Grant Number: 69532


Hope Global Consulting, LLC

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Greg Ulrich
Project Director