Supporting the Healthy Food Financing Initiative to increase access to healthy foods in low-income communities

This grant provides support for PolicyLink to continue the advocacy work it started in 2009 to inform implementation of the Healthy Food Financing Initiative (the Initiative) and educate policy makers on the importance of access to healthy foods at retail outlets as part of the 2012 Farm Bill. The Initiative is a federal grant and loan pool with the purpose of increasing the presence of retail outlets for healthy foods in underserved communities. Project activities, to be conducted in partnership with the Food Trust and the Reinvestment Fund, will include: (1) meetings with the United States Department of Agriculture, Treasury Department and Department of Health & Human Services to assist with the proper roll out of various grant programs in the Initiative; (2) work with community organizations interested in applying for those funds; and (3) strengthening an established stakeholder network to educate policy makers on issues of retail outlets for healthy foods and the 2012 Farm Bill. Deliverables will include policy briefs, at least two stakeholder convenings, recommendations for evaluating financing initiatives for healthy foods, and meetings with congressional staff and representatives of federal agencies. The grantee will not use Foundation funds for lobbying.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $375,000.00

Awarded on: 9/23/2011

Time frame: 10/1/2011 - 3/31/2013

Grant Number: 69264



1438 Webster Street, Suite 303
Oakland, 94612-3228


Judith Bell
Project Director