Supporting UCLA Family Commons' coaching in life skills for students at the RFK Community Schools in Los Angeles

This pilot project will implement and adapt two evidence-based coaching and mentoring programs in the largest and most diverse set of charter schools in Los Angeles. The goal is to demonstrate the integration of social and emotional wellness strategies with the schools' daily curriculum through teachers, administrators, parents and the children themselves. The first program, a Life Skills classroom curriculum, is a science-based coaching strategy to help children, their families and teachers set appropriate goals, build skills and achieve healthy outcomes in social and emotional behaviors. The Life Skills program is based on the UCLA Family Commons, a behavioral health clinic modeled on the Minute Clinic that was developed under a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to translate evidence-based theory from the realm of the specialist to practice in the community by laypersons. The second program, Mentor Mothers, is an international program that identifies and trains peer mentors from the community to provide support, information and links to needed resources, and that helps to form consistent relationships with children's caregivers. By adapting these programs to the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, the project expects to reach approximately 2,000 children and their families and a majority of the teachers. The primary deliverables will be: (1) a new integrative teaching curriculum for promoting wellness in schools; (2) a new model of parental engagement for social and emotional behaviors; and (3) a training manual for disseminating these practices to other schools.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $747,355.00

Awarded on: 8/18/2011

Time frame: 8/15/2011 - 8/14/2013

Grant Number: 69084


University of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine

10833 LeConte Avenue
Box 951736
Los Angeles, 90095-1736


Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus
Project Director