Extending the impact and lessons of the meta-leadership initiative

The Foundation's Program to Improve Cooperation Among Federal, State, and Local Leaders When Responding to National and Man-Made Disasters was designed to prepare senior leaders across the multiple sectors to work effectively and collaboratively in the event of a national public health emergency.To extend the impact and lessons of the multiyear Meta-Leadership Summit for Preparedness initiative, this grant will create a lasting model for communities interested in hosting a summit; enhance the existing online community; conduct post-summit activities; produce documentation; and disseminate success stories. Meta-leadership is an idea that emphasizes the importance of cross-agency strategic thinking and collaboration. The summits encouraged leaders from multiple sectors--including government, business and not-for-profit--to collaborative on strategic planning, messaging, and emergency-preparedness capacity of and connectivity between states and localities. The ultimate goal of the summits is to improve emergency response by engaging leaders, facilitating connections across sectors, and minimizing and eliminating avoidable consequences and impacts. This final project will capture the lessons and materials from the meta-leadership summits and make them available to and readily adaptable for communities. This project will cultivate the online community of more than 2,500 members to encourage more active participation and resource sharing. Finally, this project will make standard post-summit activities available to the final few summit communities. These activities will include: (1) follow-up meetings organized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to allow communities to begin to put lessons from the summits into action; (2) follow-up evaluations; and (3) an effort to create a bank of success stories.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $149,946.00

Awarded on: 8/26/2011

Time frame: 9/1/2011 - 6/30/2012

Grant Number: 69360


National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Inc.

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Kevin Brady
Project Director


C. Charles Stokes
Project Director