Engaging urban residents in improving their care through a community-led accountable care organization model

This project will ensure that the communities of Camden, Trenton and Newark, including their consumers, are deeply involved as decision-makers in the development and implementation of local accountable care organizations (ACOs). The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act created ACOs, corporate entities that manage costs and savings for groups of health care providers. The project team and partners will conduct multiple education sessions about ACOs, including with congregations and apartment buildings housing elderly and disabled residents. Through feedback from these community sessions and face-to-face and videotaped interviews, the team will solicit the views of consumers on their health care experiences, barriers to care and suggestions for corrective interventions. The team will also convene a core group of 10 to 20 community leaders in each city to support their local ACOs and will synthesize community feedback into a "Top 5 Ideas" list, to be shared with groups involved in planning local ACOs, for behavior change, local clinician interventions, or other initiatives to improve patient care and reduce costs. Deliverables will also include the identification, placement and support of two residents on ACO boards in each of the three cities.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $648,143.00

Awarded on: 7/8/2011

Time frame: 7/15/2011 - 7/31/2014

Grant Number: 69189


PICO National Network

171 Santa Rosa Avenue
Oakland, 94610-1316


Edward Livingston
Project Director


Gordon T. Whitman
Project Director