Evaluating U.S. children's food purchases and caloric intake to gauge the food industry's impact on prevention of childhood obesity (Phase 2)

Under this grant, the University of North Carolina Food Research Program (UNCFRP) will continue its multiyear evaluation of the industry-led Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) initiative to remove one trillion calories per year from products sold by HWCF-member companies by 2012, and 1.5 trillion calories per year by 2015. This objective, industry-independent, two-part evaluation will assess and report: (1) the extent to which HWCF companies as a group meet their pledged annual calorie reductions by 2012 and 2015; and (2) the effects of HWCF reductions in the average daily caloric intake of U.S. children and adolescents ages 2 through 18 by 2012 and 2015, with a primary focus on children 6 through 11 years of age, children in low-income households, and children in racial/ethnic populations at highest risk for childhood obesity. Deliverables will include: multiple meetings of UNCFRP and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation staff with the Evaluation Advisory Committee formed to inform evaluation methods; multiple meetings with HWCF leadership and evaluation liaisons; five to ten reports and published papers summarizing major results; a public report on findings in this phase of the evaluation; and a proposal for evaluation activities for Years 3 through 7.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $2,046,769.00

Awarded on: 6/8/2011

Time frame: 6/15/2011 - 6/30/2012

Grant Number: 68793


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

103 South Building
Campus Box 9100
Chapel Hill, 27599-9100


Barry M. Popkin
Project Director