To create and disseminate a documentary film and implement related workshops to encourage Black women to enter the health and health care fields.

This grant supports the production and distribution of the documentary film Present and Unaccounted For: Black Women in Medicine Against All Odds, which will provide role models for minority youths entering the health and health care fields and will educate majority audiences about the need to increase diversity in the health and health care workforce. Although many reasons, including racism, explain disparities in both the health and health care workforce, a contributing factor is the lack of positive role models and the perpetuation of stereotypes in the media, which have a direct effect on the way children perceive themselves and others. Injecting mainstream media with positive, self-affirming images and ideologies is particularly important for minority youths. The documentary presents stories of prominent African-American women who have made and are continuing to make important contributions in the field of medicine, despite formidable challenges. The primary target audience for the project is educated members, 35 years and older, of the majority population, including health care professionals, educators, policy-makers and funders of health care. The secondary audience is African-Americans and Latinos, who rarely see themselves in positive images in the mainstream media. Dissemination channels for the documentary will include traditional broadcast distribution, online/Internet promotion, professional associations, education organizations, and workshops in diversity training. Other philanthropies are being sought as additional funders.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $100,000.00

Awarded on: 5/13/2011

Time frame: 6/1/2011 - 2/29/2012

Grant Number: 69066


URU The Right to Be, Inc.

P. O. Box 26925
New Haven, 06516-0968


Crystal Renee Emery
Project Director


Michael Kerr
Project Director