Supporting the Program Oriented Payment demonstration project for payment reform to achieve sustainable high-value care

This project will test an innovative model, known as Program Oriented Payment (POP), which bases payment to providers on a program of care for a specific condition that is designed to meet goals set jointly by patient and provider. Each program developed through this model also includes a pool of funds from which real-time incentives can be paid to the team of providers caring for a patient, if the care meets clinical guidelines and helps meet the patient's goals. This project will complete the design of up to four POP programs for different conditions and test them with 40 providers. A major component will be the design of an information system to adjudicate health care claims and award incentive payments. Deliverables will include comprehensive reports on topics such as provider participation, achievement of patient goals, financial projections, and actual performance; and design of the information system. Physicians Choice Foundation will also evaluate the model, based on surveys of providers, to assess its potential for statewide use and its potential application to mental health and behavioral health problems.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $125,526.00

Awarded on: 3/31/2011

Time frame: 5/15/2011 - 5/14/2013

Grant Number: 68900


Physicians Choice Foundation

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Greg Fraser
Project Director


Shaney Starr
Project Director