Supporting the 2011 Symposium on Behavioral Economics and Health at the University of Pennsylvania

This project will bring 40 to 50 top scholars of behavioral economics (BE) in the United States together with leaders in medicine and public health over a two-day period to identify new directions for the field. The goals of this conference, the Symposium on Behavioral Economics and Health, are to enhance collegiality and introduce new collaborations -- particularly among social scientists and clinicians -- in ways that may spur development of new research in areas more directly tied to health care delivery, and to catalyze more rapid development of the field. In addition to directly evaluating the symposium format through attendee surveys, the organizers will measure the number of hits for symposium videos and podcasts on a website hosted by the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the number of times the meeting is mentioned in articles and academic literature. This symposium, March 24-25, will be hosted by the Leonard Davis Institute Center for Health Incentives at the University of Pennsylvania, one of the first centers developed with the goal of using insights from behavioral economics to improve health behaviors and health care delivery and one of two National Institutes of Health-funded centers for BE and health nationally. Symposium products will include video clips and podcasts, which will be available for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website to post for immediate dissemination. The leaders will also write a manuscript for a journal such as Health Affairs, describing the state of the field and priorities for future direction, as well as an issue brief for distribution through

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $50,500.00

Awarded on: 2/25/2011

Time frame: 3/1/2011 - 6/30/2011

Grant Number: 68800


University of Pennsylvania

1 College Hall, Room 100
Philadelphia, 19104-6380


Kevin G. M. Volpp
Project Director