Examining how the interaction of the social environment and access to coverage impacts health outcomes in lower-income populations

This grant supports research that will expand the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's understanding of the relationships among social and economic conditions, insurance expansion, and population health. Using both existing data and new data collected through research previously supported by the Foundation, this research will: (1) assess the relationship between health care utilization and the social and economic characteristics of a neighborhood's and low-income population's health, and (2) assess the interaction of health care utilization with social and economic characteristics of neighborhood's and low-income population's health. Deliverables will include at least two policy briefs and two journal articles, presentations, and a final report detailing the full results of the analyses.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $270,076.00

Awarded on: 11/5/2010

Time frame: 11/15/2010 - 2/14/2013

Grant Number: 68259


State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Health Policy and Research

General Services Building
1225 Ferry Street, S.E., 1st Floor
Salem, 97310-1300


Katherine Baicker
Project Director


Jeanene A. Smith
Project Director


Bill J. Wright
Project Director