Evaluating innovations in healthy-food marketing in supermarkets serving at-risk families and communities

This project will pilot test a number of in-store, grocery-store marketing strategies and policies with promise to significantly improve diet quality and reduce excess calories among high-risk, lower-income and multi-ethnic communities and youths. Three to four interventions, designed by retailers and public health researchers, to shift purchases of foods and beverages typically consumed by children and teens will be tested by leading in-store marketing researchers for their effect on: (1) reducing the sale of "empty calories" from energy-dense, low-nutrient children's foods and beverages; (2) increasing the sale of healthy children's foods, including fresh produce and whole grains; and (3) preserving or enhancing profits for participating retailers and manufacturers. This project also will evaluate and refine a newly validated observational measure, the Grocery Marketing Environment Assessment, as a practical tool for assessing the degree to which changes in promotion and placement of products in grocery stores can promote healthy eating and reverse childhood obesity levels. The Food Trust will disseminate findings through the Fresh Food Financing Initiative, relevant retail trade associations, and in manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $310,000.00

Awarded on: 10/15/2010

Time frame: 11/1/2010 - 10/31/2012

Grant Number: 68201


Food Trust

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Karen Glanz
Project Director


Allison E. Karpyn
Project Director