Assessing the implications, implementation and early impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

This grant supports research and analysis to assess: (1) the implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; (2) issues surrounding the new law's implementation; and (3) the early impact of the law. Deliverables will include journal articles, commentaries and other short pieces intended for more general publications, as well as presentations to key stakeholders. The broad range of deliverables will allow the grantee to reach a wide audience with varied interests in the new reform law.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $74,992.00

Awarded on: 7/9/2010

Time frame: 7/15/2010 - 7/14/2012

Grant Number: 67907


Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)

Landau Economics Building
579 Serra Mall at Galvez
Stanford, 94305-6015


Victor R. Fuchs
Project Director