Continuing communications and sustainability planning and hosting summits to build meta-leadership cooperation during times of crisis

The Foundation's Program to Improve Cooperation Among Federal, State, and Local Leaders When Responding to National and Man-Made Disasters was designed to prepare senior leaders across the multiple sectors to work effectively and collaboratively in the event of a national public health emergency.This grant project will train leaders in collaborative approaches for responding to natural and man-made disasters and other health emergencies. The training will strengthen the capacity of the public health system to respond to emergencies and to improve readiness to protect the public by facilitating discussions and planning among leaders. Leaders cross sections--businesses, government and nonprofits--so they must be ready to work together to effectively respond to and recover from a crisis. Deliverables will include: (1) hosting a minimum of 15 summits, including post-summit activities to determine how lessons were implemented; (2) building a community of advocates; (3) developing a sustainability plan; and (4) launching an online community to keep participants engaged with broader outreach through new materials, approaches and presentations.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,500,000.00

Awarded on: 6/28/2010

Time frame: 7/1/2010 - 9/30/2011

Grant Number: 67777


National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Inc.

600 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 1000
Atlanta, 30308-2219


C. Charles Stokes
Project Director


Susan True
Project Director