Using market analysis of home values to measure the economic and fiscal effects of multi-use trails

The Foundation's Active Living Research program was designed to support investigator-initiated research to identify and assess structural, environmental, and policy changes with the potential to increase population levels of physical activity.The purpose of this project is to evaluate the economic impact of trail presence and access on housing values in Montgomery County, Maryland, and calculate the impact of property tax revenues produced by the trails and compare those values with the construction and maintenance costs of the trails borne by the local government. Data on sales transactions and assessed value of homes will be used to determine housing price. Trail location data will be provided by the local Parks and Recreation Department's geographic information systems (GIS) database. Deliverables will include: article publications; reports to local policy-makers, parks and recreation practitioners and planners; and presentations to disseminate research findings. All policy-related communications will be created in collaboration with RWJF communications staff and consultants. No RWJF funds will be used for lobbying purposes.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $92,558.00

Awarded on: 10/27/2009

Time frame: 1/15/2010 - 1/14/2012

Grant Number: 67120


George Washington University Institute of Public Policy

805 21st Street, N.W., 6th Floor
Washington, 20052-0001


Garry Young
Project Director