Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Practice-Based Research Network in Public Health

The Foundation's initiative, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Practice-Based Research Network in Public Health (PBRN), was designed to develop a practice-based research network for public health to help stakeholders understand how public health systems research can be used to improve public health performance and impact.The Florida PBRN developed its research priorities in relation to the ten essential public health services. Current research interests are specific to the challenges faced by local health departments (LHD) in meeting service-related performance standards in times of dwindling resources. The first research project will examine the effects of categorical public health funding streams on the ability of agencies to support essential services. The Florida PBRN will work toward a statewide network structure organized around regional academic health departments. The initial network members will develop a regional model in northeast Florida with a local academic health department in Duval County, build capacity within the Orange County Health Department to function as a regional academic health department, and incrementally develop new and incorporate existing academic health departments into a statewide framework. Led by Duval County Health Department's Institute for Health, Policy and Evaluation and a steering committee organized by the Florida Association of County Health Officers, network members include two urban and four rural LHDs, the Florida Department of Health, Florida State University, University of Florida, University of South Florida, the Florida Public Health Institute, the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida and the Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $89,984.00

Awarded on: 10/13/2009

Time frame: 12/1/2009 - 2/29/2012

Grant Number: 67016


Duval County Health Department

900 University Boulevard North
Jacksonville, 32211-5589


Thomas Bryant
Project Director


William C. Livingood
Project Director