Establishing a national coordinating center to advance the use of health impact assessments

The purpose of this project is to launch a national initiative to promote the use of health impact assessments (HIAs) to inform policy-makers on the health effects of their decisions. HIAs provide scientific predictions of the health effects of specific policy choices in sectors that do not traditionally consider health outcomes, such as city planning, transportation, education and housing. The Pew Charitable Trusts will establish and house a national coordinating center to manage the initiative. The center will: (1) coordinate and promote efforts to increase the use of HIAs; (2) support up to 15 HIA demonstration projects at the local, state, and tribal and levels in the first phase of funding; (3) develop and manage a training and technical assistance network; (4) complete HIAs of two federal policies that affect health; and (5) conduct and disseminate a comprehensive review of laws and regulations to identify opportunities to use HIAs to influence decisions.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $7,247,562.00

Awarded on: 7/13/2009

Time frame: 8/1/2009 - 3/31/2014

Grant Number: 66479


Pew Charitable Trusts

One Commerce Square
2005 Market Street, Suite 2800
Philadelphia, 19103-7042


Aaron A. Wernham
Project Director