Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Health Leaders program was designed to provide recognition for the contributions community health leaders make to achieving RWJF's mission and goals and to enhance the capacity of these individuals to have a more permanent and widespread impact on health care problems.The program annually honors 10 individuals who have made significant contributions to improving the health and health care of their communities. Each Community Health Leader receives an award in the amount of $125,000. Twenty thousand dollars goes directly to the leader to recognize past accomplishments and $105,000 goes to the leader's organization to support the continuation of and enhancement of the leader's work. This project supports Family Voices of North Dakota, the organizational home for 2008 Community Health Leader, Donene Feist, who will serve as the project director.The purpose of this project is to address problems of limited information and education available to the families of North Dakota's children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN), and improve the quality of care they receive. Project staff will assess and prioritize the key elements of information/materials that families of CYSHCN need, develop new materials that address their needs appropriately, and distribute these materials in the form of flyers, briefs, fact sheets, etc. Staff will also collaborate with agencies, programs, providers and policy-makers to expand their knowledge of these families' needs and to foster implementation of new strategies which will benefit the families.An additional goal is to train and develop a new generation of leaders who can carry on the work of supporting families of CYSHCN and advocate for systems change on their behalf. Project staff will conduct a 2-1/2 day Leadership Institute during which they expect to train 25 new leaders on the key elements of advocating for CYSHCN. Trainees will learn from several experts in the field and receive leadership guides as part of their training.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $105,000.00

Awarded on: 2/25/2009

Time frame: 4/15/2009 - 4/14/2011

Grant Number: 65957


Family Voices of North Dakota

312 Second Avenue North
P.O. Box 163
Edgeley, 58433-0163


Donene Feist
Project Director