Enhancing local health departments' capacity to match health services to health needs

The Foundation's Public Health Systems Research program was designed to help establish the field of public health systems research as a needed resource that will enable governmental health agencies to improve their performance. This grant will assess whether and how geographic information systems (GIS) can be employed by local health departments (LHDs) to inform planning efforts so that they more closely align community health needs with public health services and programs. They will: (1) evaluate how LHDs in California and Florida collect and use data to quantify community health needs and distribute LHD services and expenditures; and (2) work with LHD partners to create a gap analysis that identifies spatial congruencies and mismatches between community health needs and the distribution of LHD programs and services. The grant will address key next steps in public health systems and services research by: (1) mapping community needs and the distribution of services simultaneously; (2) providing a practical way to understand and communicate mismatches between service delivery and health outcomes at the local level; and (3) exploring how GIS and mapping can enhance LHD priority setting and decision-making to better align services with community needs. The objective of this project is to help shape decision making by policymakers by providing them with clear illustrations of the need for additional resources or redirection of current services and programs.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $203,155.00

Awarded on: 1/16/2009

Time frame: 2/1/2009 - 1/31/2011

Grant Number: 65720


Rand Corporation

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Tamara Dubowitz
Project Director