Technical assistance and direction for the Partners Investing in Nursing's Future program

The Foundation's program, Partners Investing in Nursing's Future, was designed to address nursing issues important to those at the local and state levels.The purpose of this project is to: (1) support innovative and collaborative projects that address local and state nursing issues; (2) increase the capacity of local foundations to solve nursing problems; and (3) develop regional learning networks among partner foundations to improve the health and health care of Americans. Two-year grants of $250,000 (match 1:1) are awarded to local funding collaboratives to address the nursing shortage. From 2006 to 2008, 31 projects were funded in partnership with over 130 funding agencies (including 70 foundations). Projects have focused on creating educational infrastructure, nurse faculty development, enhancing diversity in nursing programs, developing leadership and collaborations, strengthening geriatric education and long-term care, and public health. As in the first three cohorts, we anticipate that many more foundations will join these local collaboratives over and above the required one to two per collaborative. NWHF and RWJF maintain equal roles in strategic decision making and in the development of messages and branding for the program.A formative evaluation is underway to learn about the working relationship between RWJF and NWHF and the impact of that relationship on the grantees. There is also extensive technical assistance being provided to each grantee in order to identify and measure outcomes at the grantee level.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $958,690.00

Awarded on: 12/16/2008

Time frame: 1/1/2009 - 12/31/2009

Grant Number: 64123


Northwest Health Foundation Fund II

221 N.W. Second Avenue, Suite 300
Portland, 97209-3961


Jennifer Martin Fuller
Project Director


Judith L. Woodruff
Project Director