Assessing the impact of federal funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure on regional, state and local policies (Phase 2)

This transition award will build on the original project, funded through the Foundation's national Active Living Research program, to assess the impact of federal funding for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure on policies, facilities and physical activity. The findings of this transition supplement will have special relevance to the upcoming policy debate on the future of the federal transportation program. This effort will magnify the impact of the original project by expanding its dissemination plan to target policymakers and by developing three additional case studies. These studies will illuminate the ways in which state, regional and local policy determines the use of federal funds for bicycle and pedestrian projects; explore the forces that shape regional policy toward bicycle and pedestrian projects; and assess the degree to which bicycle and pedestrian concerns have become institutionalized in the planning process for regional transportation. No portion of this Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant will support lobbying activities or any communication to legislators reflecting a view on specific legislation.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $93,702.00

Awarded on: 12/5/2008

Time frame: 12/15/2008 - 12/14/2009

Grant Number: 65386


University of California, Davis, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

1 Shields Avenue
Davis, 95616-5270


Susan L. Handy
Project Director