Enabling Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital to acquire additional properties

Although the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation became a national philanthropy in 1972 and has operated on a national scale since then, it also has continued funding a limited number of local institutions and projects in the New Brunswick area and throughout New Jersey. It does so in part to honor the legacy of its founder, and in part to recognize the special responsibilities to the communities and the state in which it is located.Under this grant, the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital will purchase property contiguous to the hospital. Having the financial resources to acquire strategically important parcels of land as they become available is crucial to the hospital's ability to serve the health care needs of Central New Jersey and its long-range strategic vision of becoming a world-class academic health center. The acquisition of land will enable the hospital to further develop its facilities and physical plant so that it can introduce new clinical services, expand existing ones and accommodate ever-increasing numbers of patients.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $5,000,000.00

Awarded on: 7/25/2008

Time frame: 8/15/2008 - 1/31/2014

Grant Number: 64043


Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Foundation Inc.

10 Plum Street, Suite 910
New Brunswick, 08901-1924


Jerry Murphy
Project Director